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E2S at the Core of your Needs


UPPA Entreprises is your contact for:

  • participatation in a multidisciplinary network of knowledge, meetings and exchanges;
  • a new commitment towards energy and environmental transition;
  • an orientation towards financing and help with financial arrangements.



E2S UPPA offers a collaborative partnership for:

  • lifelong learning and skills management;
  • business creation;
  • the elaboration of training courses in line with your needs.



Let's find solutions together thanks to:

  • new partnerships in research and development;
  • targeted services and studies;
  • experimental deployment of your innovations on our campuses;
  • the provision of 18 technical platforms via UPPA Tech:

UPPA Tech's 18 specialized platforms cover a wide spectrum of skills and analyses in various fields of activity related to Energy and the Environment, but also to Agri-food, Pharmaceuticals, and Materials. The experimental tools at the cutting edge of innovation allow the characterization of matter in all its forms on a scale ranging from the nanometer to the kilometer.

With its own governance to facilitate access to skills and expertise, UPPA Tech is a tool for innovation and territorial development in line with UPPA's research policy.

Chercheur UPPA - crédit Alexis Chézière UPPA Tech

The E2S UPPA Commitment through its 4 Missions

Our consortium UPPA, Inria, INRAe and CNRS brings R&D answers to companies and communities in order to:

- Bring energy closer to territories and needs

by investing in solutions for autonomous housing, energy storage and new energies.

- Develop and progress while preserving biodiversity

by copying what nature shows us (biomimicry) so as to create new bio-based materials and products and sober manufacturing processes, and by creating tools for secure CO2 storage.

- Adapt to our coastal, forest and mountain ecosystems

by mastering the resilience of coastal and mountain infrastructures to climate change, developing new sensors for better environmental monitoring, or measuring the impact of emerging pollutants on the environment.

- Designing our future living environment together

by better understanding the environmental concerns of our societies so as to imagine alternatives and new ecologically virtuous practices in terms of housing, mobility, organization of work and leisure.