2024-01-24 UPPA Eurelec framework agreement

UPPA and Eurélec sign a framework agreement for cooperation in the photovoltaic solar energy sector

On Wednesday January 24, 2024, Laurent Bordes, President of the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour, and Grégory Hourcadet, President of Eurélec, a Pau-based company specializing in the development of renewable energy solutions, signed a framework agreement that will enable them to develop future research collaborations in the field of green technologies, and more specifically organic photovoltaic (OPV) panels .

From l. to r.:
- Benjamin Seguembille, Energy Management engineer, Eurelec Innovation Department
- Grégory Hourcadet, President of Eurélec
- Christophe Derail, UPPA Vice-President in charge of Innovation and Partnership (standing)
- Laurent Bordes, President of the Université of Pau et des Pays de l'Adour
- Patrick Baylere, researcher at IPREM (UPPA/CNRS)
- Aurore Gassie, manager of the “Sud-Aquitaine Innovation” University Innovation Cluster (PUI)


This three-year framework agreement will enable the two organizations to identify potential areas for collaboration in research and the commercialization of research results, and to organize joint visits to the two facilities. Eurélec's 78 employees will be able to take part in short courses at UPPA as part of a lifelong learning program, or give occasional lectures, seminars, case studies or conferences at the university.

Eurélec will also be able to offer students internships, work-study programs or, where appropriate, scholarships, and take part in job fairs organized by UPPA or in initiatives run by CEPyA, UPPA’s corporate partner club. The collaboration has already begun, with Eurélec accompanying a thesis from UPPA's EDENE doctoral program.


Laurent Bordes, President of the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour:

“Together, Eurélec and UPPA aspire to develop innovative solutions that meet the urgent needs of our time, for the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants, while paving the way for a secure, clean and sustainable energy future. I’m delighted that this framework agreement can bring us together, because Eurelec is able to carry out its activities in a way that truly reflects its core values.”


Grégory Hourcadet, President of Eurelec:

Eurelec is determined to play a leading role in the transition to cleaner, more efficient energy sources, thereby actively contributing to the fight against climate change and the promotion of sustainable development. The collaboration with UPPA is part of this approach. It represents a bridge between academic knowledge and industrial expertise, opening up new horizons for meeting todays energy challenges.