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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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World firstsCore scientific program


Optimizing energy production and storage

• Optimization of fossil energy recovery

• Development of renewable energies and energy transition solutions



From anthropogenic disturbances to behavioural ecology

• Advanced characterization of the environment

• Environmental perturbations and consequences on organisms


Societal and political dimensions of transitions

• Risk assessment

• Environment and energy governance, public participation

    • The effects of climate change on fish reproduction

      Since 2011, the UMR ECOBIOP has been leading a research project on the effects of the hydrological consequences of climate change on the behavior of salmonids.
      The effects of climate change are complex...

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    • Social sciences: understanding public perceptions of CO2-reducing energy projects

      Researchers from Passages offer a look at the repercussions of storing CO2 emissions and replacing fossile fuels with biomass fuels on the inhabitants of the areas directly effected.

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    • Rechargeable Batteries: From in depth studies to challenges for new developments

      Among the methods used around the world to store electricity, electrochemical storage systems, like batteries, can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The amount of electrical energy that...

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    • The study of international environmental negotiations

      International environmental conferences (IEC) are the primary places where concepts for environmental management are forged. This pluridisciplinary and multi-subject group follows the event, from the first “zero draft” until the application of the agreement, with the purpose of performing an ethnographic study of the negotiations.

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    • Instant insight: Metallomics

      Metallomics is an emerging discipline within bioinorganic chemistry, with applications in biology and medecine. UPPA researchers from IPREM have played an important role in the development of this field.

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    • Nanocomposites bio-inspired from natural seashells

      Because of severe design constraints, natural materials use alternative approaches to achieve mechanical performance. A better understanding of how the microstructure of these materials is related to their mechanical performance has the potential to inspire new material designs.

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    • Discovery of a key molecule for staphylococcus aureus

      IPREM researchers contributed to the identification of a new molecule, styphylopine, that could be a target for future treatments against infections by certain pathogenic bacteria.

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    • A new line of research into the right to energy

      Pau Public Law has created a new research programme dedicated to the “right to energy”.

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    • Dissolved CO2 Pilot

      Social scientists look at the social implications of the "Dissolved CO2" project, a Géodénergie pilot project that stores CO2 underground by dissolving it in water.

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