Hélène Barucq: applied mathematics

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Hélène BarucqApplied mathematics

Hélène Barucq is a senior research scientist specializing in applied mathematics. She is the head of the Inria project-team Magique-3D which is shared with the UPPA since July 2007.

She studied at the University of Bordeaux where she did a PhD thesis on the mathematical analysis of equations governing the simulation of electromagnetic waves. In this context, she spent half of her time at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

Most of her research activities deal with numerical methods for wave propagation in realistic media. Her skills include mathematical modeling, mathematical and numerical analysis both for solving forward and inverse problems. In particular, she has developed efficient boundary conditions which are widely used in different software packages in different countries.

From her beginnings as a researcher, she has applied mathematics and developed numerics for problems related to energy domain. After several years as an assistant professor at UPPA, she proposed a research program on advance modeling for geophysical imaging which was valued by international experts in the context of a process initiated by Inria. In particular, her research project received a strong support from the oil company Total which then agreed to strengthen its ties with Inria. The result was the creation, in 2009, of the DIP project with Inria, under Hélène Barucq's scientific responsibility. The project represents the supervision of more than 15 PhD theses, nearly 50 publications including 35 peer-reviewed papers and the active attendance at more than 50 international conferences.

Hélène Barucq has always been very involved in her community and in particular, she has been the vice-chair of the internal evaluation committee of Inria for five years, vice-chair of the project committee. In this function, she was in charge of organizing the evaluation seminar twice a year, as well as being part of annual recrutement and promotion committees.