Denys de Béchillon: Constitutional Law, Fundamental Law, Public Law, Sociology of Law

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Denys de BéchillonConstitutional Law, Fundamental Law, Public Law, Sociology of Law

Denys de Béchillon is a holder of an Agrégation, the highest French teaching diploma, in public law and a full professor of law at UPPA.

His primary areas of expertise are constitutional law, fundamental rights, public business law and the sociology of law. He is the author of several books and nearly 130 articles in various legal journals and collective publications. Until 2012, he was the Scientific Director for the Dalloz encyclopedias of administrative litigation and public authority liability, and directed a collection for the publisher Economica. Today he co-directs the research program "contract law in public business law" in the Pau Droit Public laboratory.

Previously at UPPA, Deny de Béchillon was the president of the Research Council of Pau School of Economic Law and Management (COREJE) and directed the Doctoral School en Law, Science Politic, Economy and Management as well as the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Study of Norms and Legal Change (LIEN). He has been a CNRS researcher (1991-1998) and lecturer at the School for Advanced Studies in Social Science (EHESS). He was also the General Secretary of the French Association for Legal Anthropology and a member of the Scientific Council of the PRES of the University Sorbonne Paris Cité.

Denys de Béchillon has held several roles as an expert or consultant for various public authorities. In particular, he participated in the drafting of important legal reforms:

  • In 2004, he was named by the transport ministry to the Commission for the Continuity of Public Service Land Transportation of People, whose conclusions lead to a law on a guaranteed minimum service;
  • In 2005, he was a member of a work group selected by Guy Canivet, First President of the Court of Cassation and lead by Professor Nicolas Molfessis, for work on modifications to the retroactivity of revisions of jurisprudence.
  • In 2008, he was named by the President of the Republic to the Committee, presided by Simone Veil, for the consideration of modifications to the Preambule to the Constitution (Decree 2008-328, April 9th, 2008);
  • Since 2008, named by the Prime Minister to the Council of Social Analysis, presided by Luc Ferry, until the dissolution of the institution.
  • In 2013, he was a member of the work group for the preparation of the reform of the Mining Code.

Denys de Béchillon is a Chevalier of the Legion of honor, recepient of a CNRS bronze medal and Chevalier of Academic Palms. He is a founding member of the Club des juristes.