E-Fan: electrical-powered aviation

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E-FanElectrical-powered aviation

The Airbus E-Fan is a prototype two-seater electric aircraft being developed by Airbus Group. It was flight demonstrated to the world press at the Farnborough Airshow in the UK in July 2014. The E-Fan is bringing electric propulsion to the aviation industry.

Developed in an Airbus Group-led European program, the E-Fan’s historic first version was designed specifically for electric power – an important stepping stone on Airbus Group’s electric aircraft roadmap and toward the production E-Fan 2.0 version. In a second step, E-Fan was transformed into an updated “Plus” version with a hybrid configuration for longer flight endurance. E-Fan Plus – which debuted during the summer of 2016 – incorporates an internal combustion engine as a range extender in addition to the aircraft’s on-board lithium-ion batteries.

The production of E-Fan will be installed in Pau.