Biomethane injection

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Biomethane injection

In 2015, Fonroche installed, in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, the most important unit of production of biogas in France, with a production capacity of 34.500 MWh of gas/year.

This factory is able to treat 71,000 tons of organic matter coming from agricultural and agro-industrial actors of Villeneuvois. For the implementation of this project, TIGF has developed an infrastructure of injection into the existing gas network, including new installations of equipment and technologies.

This first injection marks the beginning of a long series. ADEME, of the French Ministry of Environment and Energy, plans that in 2030, about 15 % of the gas circulating in the network will result from the methanation.

The post of injection of Villeneuve-sur-Lot can produce up to 520 cubic meters of biomethane per hour, which is the equivalent of the consumption of 4000 homes. It is the most important operation of its kind in France.