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Winner of the call for projects "Equipment Excellence", the MARSS project (MAss Spectrometry Center for Reactivity and Speciation Sciences) was initiated by the IPREM.

Begun in 2013 for a ten-year period, the MARSS project consists in the creation of a center of mass spectrometry for studying metal speciation. With a total investment of nearly 35 million euros, the program includes the equipment purchase and the construction and a new building to house it.

Olivier Donard, director of the IPREM, explains:

"Our goal is to have a very high-level instrumental platform, the only of its kind in the world, with four complementary mass spectrometers for research on speciation and chemical reactivity: an HR MC ICP/MS, a 15 Tesla FT-ICR MS, a NanoSIMS and a TOF-SIMS.

The project has multiple aims in the understanding of metals and metalloids:

  • understanding their chemical identity or their isotopic signature;
  • understanding their primary reactivity, associated with transformation kinetics;
  • identifying, and localizing through 2D or 3D imagery, chemical species presenting interesting surrounding matrices, on surfaces or interfaces.

The project, whose operations began in 2016, plans to be self-financing. "We should be able to generate revenu by select services with a very high added value", Olivier Donard explains, citing areas like the food industry or research on batteries.

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