SAGE - Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering

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SAGE - Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering

The common laboratory SAGE (French acronym for Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering) is a joint laboratory composed of about thirty researchers or teacher-researchers from the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) centers of Gramat and CESTA and the SIAME (UPPA). This laboratory is managed by Laurent Pécastaing, Professor at SIAME.

For many years, in the framework of collaborative projects or PhD-theses, the SIAME laboratory (UPPA) and the CEA centers of Gramat and CESTA have been conducting joint research works in the field of High Pulsed Power (HPP) systems. These compact, reliable and sometimes autonomous devices involve very high powers.

The CEA centers of Gramat and CESTA are affiliated to the CEA’s Military Applications Division. Among other work and missions, the two CEA centers are responsible for developing and operating various instruments using HPP technologies such as

  • electron accelerators necessary for the generation of short-term energy radiations, particularly for flash radiography,
  • power lasers for heating and studying matter in extreme conditions,
  • electromagnetic wave generators to study their effects on complex objects or on food packaging for sterilization or decontamination purposes

SAGE joint laboratory is both the embodiment and the fulfillment of UPPA and CEA’s common wish to pursue and reinforce their scientific partnership around shared themes; not only at the fundamental level, with studies of modeling and understanding of the physical phenomena, but also on the experimental level, with works of design, manufacturing and test of basic technological bricks.