Chair for X-ray imaging

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Chair for X-ray imagingUPPA-CNRS-TOTAL

Prof. Peter Moonen is the holder of the X-ray imaging Chair, a public-private collaboration between UPPA, the CNRS and Total. The Chair was created in June 2014 and aims to investigate multiphase flow in porous media. This fundamental topic underlies both civil engineering applications such as durability of construction materials as well as typical geosciences applications such as the behaviour of bio-methane in underground aquifers.

To tackle such transdisciplinary challenges, a combined experimental-numerical approach is pursued. For the experimental work, a state-of-the-art X-ray imaging lab was created, the Pau Centre for X-ray Imaging, which represents a 5.4 M€ investment over 5 years. The lab disposes of two X-ray tomographs, as well as all the equipment for sample preparation and data processing. The numerical work relies heavily on collaboration with the Laboratory of Mathematics (LMA), who are specialized in the development of algorithms for computing flows in complex geometry on moderate computational resources. Thematically, the Chair maintains close relations with the Laboratory of Thermodynamics and Energetics of Complex Fluids (LFCR). Highlights of these collaborations are the development of a novel algorithm for 3D image registration and the development of a test cell for the validation of multi-phase flow calculations.

At an international level, the chair will co-organize a summer school on imaging techniques in 2017, together with Ghent University (Belgium) and Utrecht University of Technology (The Netherlands). Furthermore the Chair participated in a collaboration with ETH Zurich (Switzerland), Empa (Switzerland) and Ghent University (Belgium) to visualise water transport in porous materials based on Talbot interferometry.


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