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Chair for Numerical AnalysisUPPA-Inria

Sébastien Tordeux was recruited in 2010 for a period of five years as the holder of the Chair of Excellence INRIA-UPPA for Numerical Analysis. He is part of the Laboratory of Mathematics and the Inria project team Magique 3D led by Hélène Barucq.

The team Magique 3D is specialized in the numerical solution of wave propagation phenomena. A specificity of this field is that very small geometrical details (small defects or small acoustic devices) can have an important impact on physical phenomena. Sebastien Tordeux's research program consists in developing, analyzing and validating innovative numerical methods with a low computational burden to predict the impact of these small details. The validation of the proposed method is achieved by comparing its efficiency to that of a classical approach. Generally, the proposed computational method can be achieved on a laptop whereas the classical methods would require High Performance Computing and a supercomputer. Industrially, this is important since this small details are not isolated but included in a complex media. The computational effort can not be concentrated in the vicinity of the small details.