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UPPA Entreprises

The social-economic world (businesses, institutions, local government) has a wide variety of relationships with the UPPA, that range from the student internships to research contracts, on-the-job training, accompanying apprentices or collecting the business education tax (TA).

This diversity goes along with an equally complex organisation of the University, which can be confusing for those who are not already familiar with it.


To avoid discouraging potential economic partners who approach the University, a priority must be made of streamlining the process, and reducing the steps between a request and a response. Conversely, when a given University service reaches out to a business, it is often without knowledge of other services' initiatives toward the same partner. This can result in a confusing image of the institution in the eyes of the business world, and in lost opportunities for partnerships that fall slightly beyond the scope of a given service.


To remedy these difficulties, the University has created UPPA Entreprises whose goals is to:

  • Provide guidance to those actors from the social-economic world who require it, in their initial contact with UPPA, by identifying their needs, bringing them together with the appropriate person or the structure, and assisting them throughout their interaction with the instituiton.
  • Provide university personnel reaching out to businesses with the necessary knowledge of their own institution and of the types of interactions that are possible with outside entities. The profitability of their contacts will be enhanced because they will be able to present the globality of the University's missions that might become grounds for cooperation.


Directed by Laure Tastet, UPPA Entreprises is a small team made up of  four persons.

Contact: uppaentreprises @ univ-pau.fr