Laureates 2017 _ Promising Youth

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions

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E2S UPPA's laureates in 2017 _ Promising YouthLaureates of our calls for applications introduce their cursus and research projects in a short video.

Post-doctorate positions

4 post-doctorate positions were granted in 2017.

Improving nanocomposites processability for their use as matrices in thermoplastic composites
Gravitational gliding and early folding in the North Pyrenean hyperextended margin (Chaînons Béarnais): constraining inherited cretaceous geometries through paleomagnetism and paleothermometry
Thermodynamic properties of ternary mixtures including CO2
The legal framework of river and maritime turbines ‐ example of Canada and France


Doctorate positions

12 Ph.D. grants were allocated in 2017.
4 volunteered to introduce their thesis subject.


Parental selenium and antioxidant status in rainbow trout
Long-term evolution of anadromy in the introduced brown trout (Salmo trutta) and its impact on invasion dynamics in Kerguelen Island
On the modelling and statistical analysis of a gamma deteriorating system with imperfect maintenance
Diversité microbienne fonctionnelle et biodégradation des hydrocarbures dans un continuum sol-milieu aquatique


Talents' Academy

19 scholarships have been alloted to promising students registered in L3, M1 or M2.
7 volunteered to share the perspectives opened for them thanks to this scholarship.