2018-06 -International thematic summer school Exposome - Surf64

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International thematic Summer school Surf 64, Advanced OMIC Profiling and Integration

Surf 64, Advanced OMIC Profiling and Integration

Statistics and machine learning for OMICs profiling and integration in exposome research

While aiming to become an international attractive reference in Research, and in collaboration with the Imperial College of London, the LMAP (research laboratory specialised in applied mathematics, Pau) organises the summer school Exposome – Surf64, in Anglet, from June 25th to June 29th, 2018.

Led by Benoit Liquet (benoit.liquet @ univ-pau.fr), researcher affiliated to IPRA, this summer school is supported by the UPPA,the French CNRS and E2S UPPA


Last session of a serie of three thematic schools related to Exposome study (Exposome Basis, Exposome Advances, Exposome Practice), SURF64 is intended for academics (students, and researchers) and scientists from the industry (pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, food industries...) who already have some experience in statistics, OMICs data and use of R statistical software (e.g. MEC-StatXP courses, Advanced XP course).

Specifically, the course will develop the theoretical background of these methods, their applicability to OMICs data in epidemiology and Health Sciences, and will feature a large proportion of practical work using real data: 5 full days on a project-driven research exercise and 4 afternoons of practical work.

SURF64 proposes to build upon a statistical background such as the one taught in the parent Stat-XP course (Imperial College) or the Molecular Epidemiology Course (Utrecht University), and to present necessary extensions of these methods in order to:Accommodate complex study designs

  • Accommodate complex study designsImprove results interpretability
  • Improve results interpretabilityHandle multiple sets of OMICs data
  • Handle multiple sets of OMICs data

In addition to regression-based profiling approaches, SURF 64 will also feature detailed exploration of machine learning approaches, including network inference and their practical application to real data.


Further information regarding this summer school and how to register is available on the Imperial College website

You can also dowload the school's booklet  «ExposomeSeries_Booklet»