2018-International Guest Chairs

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions

Call for projets

Call opening 2017-2018


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International Guest Chairs ‐ 2018E2S‐UPPA seeks to recruit world‐class researchers for a part‐time appointment through an International Chair system


The Energy and Environment Solutions initiative (E2S‐UPPA) is a substantial, multi-year growth plan. Problem‐oriented, inter‐disciplinary and transverse research in Energy and Environment, is pursed while putting the emphasis on either industry relevance or high visibility in leading academic journals. Interests span over all areas of Energy and Environment, including but not limited to optimization of geo‐resources exploration and exploitation, optimization of energy storage, materials for renewable energy, composites for structural lightening, analytical and microbial environmental analysis for diagnostic and remediation, as well as evaluation of organisms adaptation to environmental stresses in evolving or controlled ecosystems, and social issues about energy and environment.

E2S‐UPPA is the result of established collaborations between UPPA and major national research centers, i.e. INRA, INRIA, CNRS, CEA and BRGM. UPPA is a leading research and teaching university; among the top 20 in France, located in the beautiful, culturally rich and highly diverse area of the Atlantic Pyrenees. The university hosts several laboratories engaged in research in the core areas of Energy and Environment.

IPRA1 gathers researchers with multidisciplinary competences to tackle challenges related to georesources. IPREM2 advances knowledge for applications related to environmental and materials science. The research federation MIRA3 leads activities about aquatic resources and their environment. Through major interdisciplinary efforts, PDP4 and the mixed research unit PASSAGES5 conduct activities related to
public law and social issues.

In addition, private research is a key asset of southern Aquitaine, which is one of the major industrial poles in France with for instance Total, TIGF, Arkema, SAFRAN Helicopter Engines, Toray and Euralis,...

E2S‐UPPA offers a research environment that benefits from a successful relation with both private and public sector organizations, with leading positions in particular in the Energy and Environment areas.

Profile of the applicants:

We seek outstanding world‐class candidates, excited by the opportunity to build the future solutions for energy and environment, who would be appointed on a part‐time basis and committed to spent ‐on average‐ 2 months per year in residency on the E2S‐UPPA campus. The laureate will also take an active part in the E2S educational initiatives.

Description of the appointment:

The International Chair comprises:

  • The appointment of the recipient as “international associate professor” for a period of 5 years, including an honorarium fee;
  • 2 doctoral fellowships and a 5‐year post‐doctoral fellowship for the candidates of his choice;
  • Travel expenses for the mobility between the E2S‐UPPA campus and her/his campus of origin.


The candidate must submit her/his application by email (in a single PDF file) to the executive director of E2S‐UPPA (gilles.pijaudier‐cabot@univ‐pau.fr (gilles.pijaudier-cabot @ univ-pau.fr)).

The content of the application file must be as follows:

  • The curriculum vitae of the candidate with the full list of her/his publications;
  • A short note describing the major scientific achievements of the candidate (2 pages max.);
  • A research statement briefly describing the topic of the works performed at E2S‐UPPA (3 pages max.);
  • A letter of support from the director of the laboratory who might host the chair.


Applications are opened on a continuous basis with the target of one new appointment per year (total of 4). In 2018, appointments will be possible in February and June.


1-Institut Pluridisciplinaire de Recherches Appliquées (Pluridisciplinary Institute for Applied Research, director : Laurent Bordes, laurent.bordes @ univ-pau.fr)

2-Institut des Sciences Analytiques et de Physico‐chimie pour l'Environnement et les Matériaux (Institute of Analytical and Physicochemical Sciences for Environment and Materials, director : Ryszard Lobinski, ryszard.lobinski @ univ‐pau.fr)

4-Milieux et Ressources Aquatiques (Aquatic Resources and their Environment, director: Philippe Gaudin, philippe.gaudin @ inra.fr)

5-Pau Droit Public  (Pau Public Law, director : Jean Gourdou, jean.gourdou @ univ‐pau.fr)

6-Passages (deputy director : Xavier Arnaud de Sartre, xavier.arnauld @ univ‐pau.fr)


Download the call for projects (PDF - 196.9 Ko)