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6th conference - Looking for metals ultra traces in living systems

For the sixth conference of this cycle, Ryszard Lobinski - recipient of the CNRS silver medal, research director at the CNRS and director of the IPREM (CNRS/UPPA) - will tallk about the characterisation of metals ultratraces in the environnement, which is an emerging field of research where chemistry and microbiology cross paths.

Pioneer in the development of metallomics, i.e. analytical methods that allow the identification and determination of chemical forms in the environment and in biological systems - research for which he received the CNRS silver medal - Ryszard Lobinski is well renowned in his field.

Metals present in a cellular environment, in ultra-trace state, perform a number of vital functions. Detection, speciation and distribution in the environment or biological system of these metals is thus a must do.
The conference will show how recent advances in analytical techniques, and in particular mass spectrometry, make it possible to obtain this characterisation and to study the interactions of metals with ecosystems, opening up new perspectives in microbiology systems.


The date is set on April 11th.

Conference given in ENGLISH.

Launching of E2S UPPA conference cycle

E2S UPPA has launched its own cycle of conferences on thematics related with energy and environment.
These conferences are intended to a wide audience made up of lecturers, researchers and students from the consortium as well as industrial partners, but also to the public out of the university.

With a montly occurence, these conferences are given either by a reknowned guest or a researcher member of the consortium. They will take place on Thursdays afternoon (4:00 pm), either in Anglet or Pau, and will be preceded by a welcome coffee at 3:30 pm.

As energy and environment are now the hot topics wherever you may go, E2S UPPA is expecting a great participation to these conferences.