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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions

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Third conference - Innovations and Social acceptabilityFrom social acceptability to territorial appropriation : Innovation in tension.

Let's keep going on with our conferences...

To start 2019, Xavier Arnauld de Sartre, scientific officer of E2S UPPA's management team and principal investigator of the research chair TEEN, offers to discuss the subject of social acceptability when trying to implement innovative actions or projects.

Indeed, the proliferation of protests over industrial or development projects raises the question of how these projects are perceived or appropriated by the population - given that the purpose is for them to be accepted.

Through the analysis of debates on both developments and acceptability, the conference will question the capacity of these developments to locally win unanimous support or even reach a consensus.

On January 17th, save the date! ... and let's see how to improve innovations acceptability while reducing contestations and tensions.

Second conference - AcclimaterraLocal authorities and territories facing climate change

After the first conference given by Antoine Kremer, the cycle is well set in motion.

To follow up right on the same track, the second conference will introduce to you the challenge local authorities and territories are faced with when tackling the issue of climate change: how do they manage to cope with issues related to environment and energy transition, and what solution are they offering ?

On December 3rd and 4th, Pau Pyrénées Béarn urban area’s, the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) and the UPPA invite you for two days of study on local actions in the face of climate change.

Let's see how anticipation and forecast studies can be linked with development and action plans to reach an objective.

Here is the programme of those two days

First conference - Climate changes... Trees too

To get off to a good start, the first conference will be given by Antoine Kremer, Research Director at INRA, recipient of the Marcus Wallenberg prize ("Nobel" prize for forest research) in 2006, and laureate of agronomic research at INRA in 2011.

Specialist in ecology, genomics and genetics, he will talk about the relation between climate change and the evolution of trees population: “Climate changes… Trees too…”

No doubt this will be an interesting subject and the opportunity to learn more about climate change and our environment from another point of view.


Want to know more about the programme of this conference cycle ? Here it is!


Launching of E2S UPPA conference cycle

E2S UPPA launches its own cycle of conferences on thematics related with energy and environment.
These conferences are intended to a wide audience made up of lecturers, researchers and students from the consortium as well as industrial partners, but also to the public out of the university.

With a montly occurence, these conferences will be given either by a reknowned guest or a researcher member of the consortium. They will take place on Thursdays afternoon (4:00 pm), either in Anglet or Pau, and will be preceded by a welcome coffee at 3:30 pm.

As energy and environment are now the hot topics wherever you may go, E2S UPPA is expecting a great participation to these conferences.

On your marks, set, go!

First stop is scheduled for November 22nd.