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The concept of a circular economy in energy law

On January 5th, 2017, Julie Laussat, who has a PhD in public law, turned in her final post-doctoral report to the corporate headquarters of GRDF in Paris.

The theme of her year-long postdoctoral research was "Circular economy and natural gas networks: legal aspects". Her advisor was Philippe Terneyre, Professor of public law at UPPA. The research was co-financed by the Conseil départemental of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and by GRDF.

The final report cast an original light on the idea of a circular economy from a legal perspective. The August 17 2015 law on energy transition introduced this notion into French law for the first time. Ms. Laussat's studies the issues that the new law raises. She also analyzed the regulatory framework of the circulary economy in the natural gas area, paying particular attention to energy extraction from biomethane waste, "green gas" which can be injected into the natural gas distribution network. She also proposes areas of improvement in energy law that would help accelerate energy transition in the natural gaz sector.

GRDF expressed its satisfaction with the collaboration between its services and the young researcher in public law from UPPA.

Ms. Laussat is now a research associate with the Pau Droit Public research center and is part of the "Energy law" team.