Calls schedule for 2019-2020

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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Calls schedule for 2019-2020

Calls 2019-2020

 Internal Call

Opening dateSubmission dealine
Adjunct professorsNOOctober 14th, 2019January 28th, 2020
Fellowship for innovation in teaching _ session 1YESOctober 14th, 2019January 20th, 2020
Gécré : Internal fellowship for creation of start-upYESOctober 14th, 2019January 28th, 2020
Heading for ERCYESOctober 14th, 20193 months before the actual deadline for the submission of ERC grants
International Doctoral Mobility _ session 1YESOctober 14th, 2019January 13th, 2020
Junior ChairsNOOctober 14th, 2019January 13th, 2020
PhD grant co-fundingYESOctober 18th, 2019December 2nd, 2019
AAP conjoint E2S UPPA et CollectivitésYESOctober 18th, 2019December 2nd, 2019 (17h)
Seed funding - Partnership InitiativesYESOctober 14th, 2019January 13th, 2020
Talents Academy - grants for promising students _ session 1YESOctober 14th, 2019April 24th, 2020
Technology transfer - project maturationYESOctober 14th, 2019As & When files arise
Thematic hubsYESOctober 14th, 2019March 2nd, 2020
PhD grant - Open call for doctoratesNONovember 18th, 2019January 31st, 2020
Talents Academy - grants for promising students _ session 2YESJanuary 7th, 2020April 24th, 2020
International Doctoral Mobility _ session 2YESMarch 30th, 2020May 4th, 2020
Post-doctorates of excellenceYESApril 6th, 2020September 14th, 2020

Internal calls are restricted to UPPA professors, researchers or students.


Applications will be received and accepted via the online application portal ONLY!

CAUTION! Applications received through aby other mean shall not be reviewed!