Nature = Future!

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Nature = Future!

Nature = Future! is an unprecedented series of short films focused on biomimicry and bio-inspiration that presents sustainable solutions inspired by Nature and the living world.

These films highlight research and innovations in all fields: agriculture, food, architecture, housing, transportation, health, industry, technology, energy production and consumption, pollution control, waste treatment, circular economy... They underline the extent to which the biomimicry approach responds to the challenges of both an ecological transition and a sustainable development.

Knowledge of living species offers a reservoir of solutions proven and tested by Nature, for millions of years, in order to resolve multiple crises.

Our future is in nature!

Let's be inspired by Nature to innovate in a sustainable way and preserve biodiversity at all costs!

Nature = Future!At the heart of waves

How are waves formed and propagated? What solutions do we have to better understand this natural phenomenon and anticipate the effects of the rising sea levels linked to global warming?

Today, we are able to study their power and their trajectory thanks to mathematical models.

That is what Volker Roeber, researcher expert in wave’s mechanics and leader of the HPC-Waves (High-Performance Computing of Waves) chair at the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, does. He and his team are working on solutions to help mitigate the risks of flooding and to develop systems using wave energy as renewable marine energy.


Nature = Future! ‘s crew went to meet them and learn on this matter.

Here is the film (mainly in English, with subtitles in French)


Thanks to the Basque Country Agglomeration Community and to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region who supported this film.

Nature = Future!Protective algae, an unknown treasure of marine life

Why do fish not suffer from sunburn as we do when swimming in water? What protective mechanisms have they developed? How can we be inspired from it? 

The answers lie in the red algae they consume, which produce anti-UV molecules. 

The MANTA Chair’s team and its leader, the chemist Susana Fernandes, are currently studying this high-performance natural defense, at the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, to develop sunscreens with no consequences on human health and on the environment.   


Nature = Future! ‘s crew went to meet them and learn on this matter.

Here is the film (in French only):


Thanks to the Basque Country Agglomeration Community, to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, to CIDPMEM 64-40, to IPREM and to Biarritz Laboratories.