2020-10- Postdoctoral position: Rock Physics

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions

E2S UPPA, an I-Site since 2017

E2S UPPA, an I-Site since 2017

What does I-Site stand for ?
"I-site" stands for “Initiatives Science-Innovation-Territoires-Economie".
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Postdoctoral position: Rock Physics

Scientific context

The position is designed as an active part of a larger project, THERMapp, aimed at better understanding and monitoring rocks for geothermal energy applications. The framework of the project is experimental-based, aiming at linking geothermal reservoir properties to geophysical properties measured in the laboratory and across the scales. Within this context, samples of different scales and of various discontinuities will be built in the laboratory, which will then be investigated using in particular seismic methods.


Tasks and proposed methodology

The candidate will be tasked with providing a modelling counterpart to the experimental investigations by integrating updated rock physics modelling approaches, in close collaboration with the team in place.

The aim of this project is to

  1. investigate, develop and test approaches to link reservoir properties to laboratory measurements at various scales;
  2. design a tool, using rock physics and geophysical modelling (e.g. AVO modelling) approaches, to apply monitoring methods to the experiments.


Working conditions

Host laboratory :  LFCR

Localisation : Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA), Pau, France

Duration: 36 months

Starting period: by March 2021 at the latest

Work load (in percentage): 100 %.

Monthly gross salary: 2740 €/month (+ 220 €/month, for 64h/year of teaching)
The salary of the successful candidate will be based on level chart for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of French universities. The salary will be 2960 euros/month (gross salary), including allowance for 64 hours teaching per year.

This post doc position is funded, within the THERMapp junior chair designed to start in December 2020, by the project E2S (Energy Environment Solutions) whom core scientific domain focuses on Environment and Energy to meet challenges related to the energy transition, geo-resources, aquatic habitats and the environmental effects of natural and anthropogenic changes.



Diploma required: PhD in rock physics, or related subjects of geophysics.

Required skills:

  • Strong background in numerical models for rock physics and AVO methods.
  • Demonstrated knowledge, through peer-reviewed works, of rock physics: anisotropy, effective medium theories, poroelasticity, dissipative properties, waves dispersion and attenuation.
  • Strong command of Matlab and Python programming tools.
  • Willingness to communicate, both through writing and orally, on both specialized and more general topics. A 64h/year teaching task is compulsory to the position.
  • Willingness to participate in and create collaborations with both academic and industry sectors.
  • Strong command of English and French.

Desirable skills:

  • Willingness to adapt to experimental investigation, with the aim to derive innovative processing methods and experiments well adapted to model-comparison. Past experience with experimental work is a plus.
  • Knowledge on field instrumentation typically used in the industry sector. Past experience in R&D of the industry sector in rock physics and applied geophysics for exploration is a plus.



Applications must be written in English and sumitted as a single .pdf file.

Document required:

  • detailed CV (including a list of publications, if applicable)
  • cover letter
  • contact details of at least 2 referees

For more information and for applying for this position, please contact: lucas.pimienta @ univ-pau.fr


Application deadline :October 30th, 2020

 The deadline for submitting the application is October 30th, 2020, but the call might be closed earlier in the event of application by the perfect candidate.