2020-01- Postdoctoral position: Biogeochemical interactions between iron and major elements (C-N-S) using stable isotopes

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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Postdoctoral position: Biogeochemical interactions between iron and major elements (C-N-S) using stable isotopes


In the framework of the Mesmic Scientific Hub (Metal in Environmental Systems Microbiology, https://iprem.univ-pau.fr/en/projects/mesmic.html ), E2S UPPA invites applications from highly qualified individuals for a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship position to start in spring 2020.


Position and assignments

The successful candidate will participate in both field and experimental acquisitions of geochemical and isotopic data, mainly focused on interactions between C-N-S-Fe cycles, to characterize the biogeochemical functioning of aquatic ecosystems in which microbial communities will be investigated.

The research to be developed is structured around several objectives:

  1. Document and understand the biogeochemical functioning and interactions within microbial communities during in situ and microcosms experiments.
  2. Investigate the interactions between iron and major biogeochemical cycles in these microbial ecosystems.


Working conditions

Hosting laboratory: IPREM
The proposed post-doctoral position is part of the project ‘MesMic’ (Metals in Environmental Systems Microbiology) funded by E2S UPPA from 2018 to 2022 (http://e2s-uppa.eu/en/index.html). MesMic is a collaborative and transdisciplinary project involving microbiology and analytical chemistry. The objective of the project is to unravel metal ion interactions with microbial ecosystems at the molecular, cellular and community levels. 6 PhD and 6 Post-Doctorates are funded by MesMic project.

Post-doc Supervisors: Dr. D. Amouroux and Dr M. Sebilo.

Scientific team:
Nolivos (molecular biology), P. Sivadon (molecular biology), F. Hakil (molecular biology), L. Urios (microbiology), L. Ouerdane (analytical chemistry), R. Lobinski (analytical chemistry), O. Donard (analytical chemistry), M. Sebilo (biogeochemistry), D. Amouroux (biogeochemistry).
1 PhD students and 3 post-doc.

Localisation address: IPREM, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, Pau, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Starting period: spring 2020 to summer 2020

Duration: 3 years (full-time)

Teaching duty (in English or French): 64 hours / years

Gross salary: 2960 euros/month (incluging teaching)

Funding: This postdoc position is funded by the project E2S UPPA (Energy Environment Solutions) which has a core scientific domain focused on Environment and Energy to meet challenges related to the energy transition, geo-resources, aquatic habitats and the environmental effects of natural and anthropogenic changes.



Candidates should have strong experience in aqueous and isotope biogeochemistry dedicated to the functioning of ecosystems.

The ability to work in an interdisciplinary team environment (Environmental Chemistry - Biogeochemistry - Microbiology) is essential.

The applicant will teach environmental sciences in the University (64 hours). For this reason, candidates should have an excellent academic track at least in one of these different areas.


Application procedure

Applications must be sent as a single pdf file and must include:

  • a CV (max 2 pages)
  • a cover letter describing the candidate's motivations, previous research experience and how it is related to the present position (one, or maximum two pages)
  • a 2 pages description of their research interest
  • a copy of the candidate's PhD thesis diploma
  • candidate's PhD abstract and publications
  • two reference letters
  • contact details (2 referees, including the PhD supervisor and post-doc supervisor (if applicable))


Selecion criteria and Evaluation

Two steps selection process:

1st step:

  • Evaluation of the applicants' files
  • Candidates will be contacted by e-mail

2nd step: (date to be determined)

  • Interview of the selected candidates (either at the IPREM or by videoconference)
  • Candidates will have 5 min to present their CV, 5 min to present their PhD and 5min to present their views on the post-doc subject
  • Discussion with the candidates for at least 20min

Criteria used during the selection of the candidates:

  • The candidate's motivation, scientific maturity and curiosity.
  • Candidate's knowledge on microbial ecophysiology and metabolism
  • Candidate's publications
  • English proficiency
  • Candidate's ability to present his work
  • Experimental proficiency


Application deadline

Please submit your application to Mathieu Sebilo (mathieu.sebilo @ univ-pau.fr) and David Amouroux (david.amouroux @ univ-pau.fr) before March 15th, 2020, mentioning [Postdoc] in the subject of your email.