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SNEE - Students businessowners (Statut national Etudiant Entrepreneur SNEE)

E2S UPPA offers an entrepreneurship support programme for its students applying for the national status of students businessowners (Statut National Etudiant Entrepreneur SNEE).


What is the “SNEE”?

The SNEE allows students to benefit from personalized and free support throughout their entrepreneurial project in a place dedicated to them. A student incubator was created for them at l’EntrePau, within the Hélioparc technopole, in Pau, and at Arkinova, in Anglet. This way, they can work on their project in a professional and stimulating environment.


Why should you ask for the SNEE when you have a business creation project?

The SNEE gives quite the interesting rights to students who successfully obtain it. They can  benefit from a support - adapted to their needs and their pace - in both the elaboration and implementation of their project. Thematic workshops and events are organized in order to enable project leaders to acquire new skills. Through this, they also benefit from the local ecosystem networking and are able to build relationships with various skilled workers.


Who is it for?

The SNEE is intended for all motivated students with an entrepreneurial project - whatever their sector and level of study. The baccalaureate is still required to benefit from it, though.

Young graduates also qualify. They can benefit from this support by registering for the “D2E - Outils pour entreprendre” training programme.


How to get the SNEE?

You must apply online via the following link and explain your project as well as your motivation:

Your project will then be presented to a committee made up of teachers, university staff and skilled workers from the business creation sector. This committee will decide whether or not to grant the student the national status of students businessowners; not only on the basis of the quality of the project and its reality, but especially in regards to the skills and motivation of the project leader.

For a project led by several students, each of them will have to apply online to request the SNEE, but the presentation to the committee will be performed as a group.

This committee is gathered 3 times each year: in January, June and October.


What is “D2E”?

D2E is a university degree called “Outils pour entreprendre” (tools to create your business). This degree aims to train students so that they acquire the skills needed to set up entrepreneurial projects. Registration is compulsory for young graduates. Indeed, student quality is compulsory to benefit from the SNEE and to be chosen by student-entrepreneurs who wish to do so.

The curriculum is led by professionals from the economic world and was designed in a practical way so that students may work on their own project.


Business creation or internship ?

“Can I work on my project instead of doing an internship?”  This question often comes out. And the answer is yes!
In agreement with the director of studies, students can benefit from an adjustment of their curriculum to allow them to work on their project. It is thus possible to work on your entrepreneurial project instead of doing an internship or a graduation project.



For further information, please contact Jean-francois.belmonte @ or Laura.claverie @