Murder Party

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions

Murder Party at the UPPAStudents had to prove their innocence!

On March 4th, a Murder Party played out digitally at the UPPA.

All day long, in small groups, a total of 55 registered students came to play and, while doing so, also tested their entrepreneurial skills.

Dropped in the middle of an entrepreneurial crisis, students had to step into seasoned entrepreneurs’ shoes in order to get themselves out of the difficult situation they were in. In a fun way, this Murder Party helped them to understand the soft-skills and the expertise needed by entrepreneurs.

“I loved to participate to this event. It was really interesting interacting with other students. The Murder Party organizers were really involved and made it easy understanding how to play. I’ll play again with great pleasure!”
Elisa A. IAE Master student.

“It was my first time participating in a Murder Party and I appreciated it very much. I never suspected how many entrepreneurial skills we could use in such a short time! I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Escape Game!”
Mathieu B. Master student in Computer Science.


To further discover entrepreneurship while having relaxing times, you are invited to an Escape Game on April 8th!

Stay tuned for more details on your mail box!