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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions

Escape GamesA fun way to raise the community's awareness to entrepreneuship!

For the second edition of Jeud’Innov, E2S UPPA organized with “Enfin Jeudi” an Escape Game in the heart of the campuses of Pau and Anglet. This escape game gathered about a hundred participants, from all levels of training and many different disciplines.

Teamwork, dynamism, inventiveness, reflection, intuition and strategy are the skills mobilized for success in the game, but also in another adventure, i.e. entrepreneurship!

Highlighting this was the purpose of this Escape game!
The participants - project leaders or not - discovered the skills required for setting up a project and, while doing so, could realize that there is no specific profile of an entrepreneur but rather skills that everyone can acquire or develop.

Altogether, this event thus enabled us to not only introduce entrepreneurship to students but also to show them that they mobilize entrepreneurial skills while having fun and without even being conscious of it.

Finally, this was the opportunity to present the actions carried out by E2S UPPA to raise awareness of entrepreneurship, but above all to meet students and young graduates who would like to benefit from support to develop skills for the realization of their project.