Entrepreneurship Winter Camp - Afterwords

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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Entrepreneurship Winter Camp - Afterwords3 days to further develop your project of creation of a business company

The second edition of E2S UPPA’s training camp dedicated to Entrepreneurship took place in Salies de Béarn, from January 22nd, 2020 to January 24th, 2020.

32 participants

That « Winter camp » - focused on the themes of Energy and the Environment - gathered about thirty students and teachers-researchers interested in the creation of business or in the dissemination of the results of their research and willing to dedicate three whole days for a better development of their project.

For some of those participants, who are already working on a project, their purpose is to further study its feasibility by confronting the socio-economic context, the requirements of the regulation in effect, the complexity of funding… for the others, they will focus on confirming their calling as “entrepreneur” or their interest in the transfer of technologies.

6 teams

Participants were divided in six teams, each one organised around a project leader. All teams bet on collective intelligence, interdisciplinarity and team work to progress. They were supported by professional coaches charged to guide them in their search of specific solutions in sync with the local industrial ecosystem.

Professionals were also invited to share their expertise (intellectual property, accounting, business plan…) and experience with the participants.


1 jury, 6 teams, 6 awards ganted by our partners

At the end of this seminar, a jury made up of industrials and representatives of the local authorities assessed the work carried out during these 3 days as well as the results obtained. Prices were then handed to the laureates.

Project PIROETT - Team leader Christine Lartigau-Dagron


The PIROETT project is awarded “5 days to create a business”, offered by CCI Pau.

PIROETT is also awarded the Winter Camp’s first price, granted by E2S UPPA.





Project WAVYX - Team Leader: Yves le Guer



The WAVYX project is awarded a “Starting sponsorship package” to help with the creation of a business, offered by the local authority Communauté d'agglomération Pau-Béarn-Pyrénées.





Project CRIAAN - Teal leader: Robert Ruscassié




The CRIAAN project is awarded a “Professional support”, offered by Réseau Entreprendre Adour.





Project Workshop 3D - Team leader: Lofti Makhlouf



The Workshop 3D project is awarded a Support related to the financial part of the creation of a business (help to establish a Business Plan, planning, etc), offered by In Extenso.






Project LookUp - Team leader: Antonin Laurent



The Look Up project is awarded a Support and free access to a workshop to help with the design of the final product, offered by the local authority Communauté d'Agglomération du Pays Basque.





Project HEXA Surboard - Team leaders: Sylvain Fleury & Léo Bouffier




The HEXA Surfboard project is awarded a Grant and support, offered by ETICOOP.






Contact : Jean-François Belmonte (jean-francois.belmonte @ univ-pau.fr)