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Entrepreneurship coursesThroughout their undergraduate studies (Licence), students - whatever their field of study may be - have the opportunity to chose courses dedicated to entrepreneurship.

The objective of these courses is to discover the methodology of entrepreneurial project management and to introduce different tools in a pragmatic way, thanks to a reverse pedagogy (learning-by-doing).

Students are encouraged to form small groups to create their own project while reinvesting the theoretical content presented to them.

The first level of these courses is an introduction to the entrepreneurial process.

Its aim is to raise awareness among students. It covers the fundamental questions aroused by any project leader wishing to offer a product or service. Its purpose is to allow students to discover the entrepreneur’s journey, to define the contours of a project and to understand the different steps required to start a business.


The second level aims to deepen the entrepreneurial skills acquired during the first level.

Students familiarize themselves with the tools generally used by project leaders before the creation of their entity and to structure their project in order to present it to potential stakeholders (funders, partners, etc.). This part also presents additional training (D2E Outils pour entreprendre) for those who wish to further deepen their knowledge and/or plan to carry their own project.


For further information, please contact Jean-francois.belmonte @ univ-pau.fr