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Students Challenge: One night to conceive tomorrow's campus

Défi étudiant E2S UPPA 2019 : Une nuit pour concevoir le campus de demain

In 2019, E2S UPPA laid down a challenge to all its students (except for PhD students):
                                 Imagine tomorrow’s campus.

Students had a whole night, from November 7th to the 8th, to conceive tomorrow’s campus. To do so, students could choose whatever approach suits them!

The event took place on the campus, in Pau.

Shuttles between the campuses of Anglet, Bayonne, Mont de Marsan and Tarbes were available on the evening of the 7th and the morning of the 8th.


Food was offered to all the participants. A relaxation area was available and many surprise activities were scheduled along the night.

What outcome for the challenge’s winners?

Students who wanted to take up on this challenge had to register online individually. Their participation is valorized in their curriculum.
Teams who came out on the top after this night have until April 2020 to develop their project.

Winners (top 3) will be awarded with a price.

Poster- Students Challenge

On D-night…

Multidisciplinary teams – of 2 to 5 students - were formed in the evening.

Each team had the whole night to prepare a short presentation of their project (what they would like to realize and an estimation of the budget needed to do so) that they were to submit, on Friday morning, to the preselection jury.