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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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Primary objectivesInternational strategy and teaching - Increase in programmes taught in English

The Université de Pau et des Pays has initiated an ambitious internationalisation strategy in order to increase the visibility and impact of its research and academic strengths, competences and assets.

One of the main enablers of this strategy is represented by the internationalisation of its scientific courses, in order to attract more foreign students as well as to increase bilateral collaborations with international academic and industrial partners.
This strategy will also have a very positive internal impact on students, lecturers, researchers and administrative staff, as they will be immersed in international environments.

A specialised training project has been developed in close collaboration with the ICTs Department, the Pedagogy department and the Careers Advice and Professional Guidance Service, with a view to supporting teachers who wish to either develop an existing course in this language or to start using the English language as a medium of instruction. This linguistic support is coupled with a personalised pedagogical one, to design adapted learning situations that facilitate the transition in English for both lecturers and students.

A first set of 10 courses in English have been delivered in December 2017 and a second set of 20 courses in April 2018. All these courses will be ready to open in September 2018.