UPPA's Undergraduate Quality Initiative

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UPPA's Undergraduate Quality InitiativeHistory and method

With its primary goal of continually improving education, the Undergraduate Quality Initiative has been a key strategic focus of UPPA since 2007. To accomplish this, and to harmonize the process across the components of the institution, the University created a "quality cell" to assist programs with implementation and with the use of the self-evaluation tools provided by the Observatory of Students (ODE).

In this context, programs use the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) which are also present in HCERES recommendations.

Undegraduate programs have two fundamental obligations:

  • Evaluate the quality and the content of instruction they provide;
  • Create an enhancement board to analyze the strategic and educative aspects of the program.

This organisation leads to more homogenous operations and direction in the programs.

The University has implemented procedures for the evaluation and for the enhancements boards. Programs have access to a framework and technical help from the ODE to organise the evaluations of their teaching. There are norms for the activity of the enhancement boards, with procedures specifying the role, composition, organisation and goal of meetings. Each program has access to the same evaluation data from the ODE (attractivity, success rates, post-diploma outcomes, professional insertion...).

Each year, a meeting with all of the programs is organized to establish a detailed assessment, to identify best practices and possibilities for further improvement.