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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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Transatlantic online learningA joint waste-management course with the University of Morelos in Mexico

UPPA designed the degree in Integral Management of Waste Material after an agreement was signed in 2013 with the State University of Morelos, Mexico.

Its purpose was to create a course to be shared between the two countries and to allow for technology transfer: students would follow traditional classes in their home university and prepare for internships in industry through online learing.

As of 2017, the course is also offered as an option for all UPPA students in its French version, and shows promise as far as professional development is concerned as the main local structures involved in waste management have been involved.

As for the instructional design of the course, the content was designed to allow for short personal study in the form of interactive, subtitled videos interspersed with quizzes, and more complete learining activities involving information synthesis, analysis and collaboration. The collaborative aspect of the course helps maintain high student motivation and prevents disengagement.