Tools for assessment in labwork, company placements, internships

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Tools for assessment in labwork, company placements, internships

Self-assessment is part of the set of skills that engineers students from ISA BTP are expected to acquire. A skills portfolio is therefore a useful tool for engaging in construction and gradual formalization of their training and experience path, to be able to report on the skills they acquire during this course, to various potential interlocutors (recruiters, teachers, guidance counselors, interview committees, companies etc.).

Peer assessment is an interesting method to involve students in a process of continuous improvement of both their written or oral work, and its learning contributes to a better self-assessment.

These teaching methods, well used in primary or language education and recently re-developed with the opening of MOOCs to many learners, remain underdeveloped at ISA BTP.

These different so-called “active” teaching methods are evaluated via the combination of a written report and an oral defense. Within this framework, the purpose is to develop:

  • Students’ evaluation by peers during practical work and projects;
  • Students’ self-assessment during internships.

These evaluation methodsare associated with the ones prevously in vigor.

By providing their peers with quality feedback, students have a better grasp of the evaluation criteria they have to meet for their own work, which is beneficial for their learning and for their ability self-assessment.
During internships, students will acquire many skills. At the end of their internship period, they will have to justify the validation of these skills by precisely describing each of them as well as the associated task. This will be validated by both the company and the academic tutor. 
The competence portfolio can be used for this purpose.This self-assessment method can also be used for practical work activities and projects, in addition to peer assessment and teacher assessment.