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Ella2En: playful tools for a bilingual appropriation of specific terminology related to Chemistry and Life SciencesSequel of Micro2En

As part of the Micro2En project, with the help of ARTICE and the contribution of students of the Chemistry and Life Sciences Master's degree, an English-French lexicon of Environmental Microbiology has been set up. Accessible online (on E-learn) to all students registered in the Chemistry and Life Sciences Master, the lexicon is made up of more than 600 entries, classified into three categories: basic, specific or out of categories.

At the beginning of each new academic year, the moderators of this lexicon, F. Bédécarrats and C. Cagnon, incite all new students to continue to supplement it.

Surveys conducted among students highlight the interest and utility of this lexicon (M1 BME course: 100%; M2 EGTP course: 89%), in particular within the framework of specialized teaching units, which are taught in English: 10 ECTS in M1 BME, 62 ECTS in M2 BME, 60 ECTS in M2 SAVE, 4 ECTS in M2 EGTP.
Nonetheless, observation showed that even though students were active in the proposal of entries, consultations of the lexicon are very scarce.

The purpose here is for this lexicon to not simply be of help to the students when struggling in understanding texts and presentations of their specialty in English (current use of the lexicon), but also for them to be able to really appropriate all the specialty terms, both in French and in English, by the end of their Master degree.

Thus, to achieve this goal, following on from the Micro2En project, the Ella2En project aims to set up fun online tools, offered on E-learn, with different levels of difficulty and learning. To incite students to use these tools, a minimum level is expected, which must be reached for them to validate part of an English or/and specialization course unit.
Depending on the course followed by the student, the level requested is different (BME course> EGTP> SAVE). Likewise, these educational activities (flashcards, ordering words, primer-distractors, use of scientific literature to set up complex texts with holes…) are also offered to non-French-speaking Master's students so that they acquire the same terminology in French, even if the cursus is taught in English. 

These tools will be maintained in the long term, for all future promotions.

Micro2EnDisciplinary and linguistic joint teaching in Environmental Microbiology

The Micro2En project aims to support environmental microbiology students in becoming more proficient in their field of study, in English, via an interdisciplinary teaching approach. Thanks to a very good relationship between the two teachers leagind the project, the proposed activities are arousing some strong enthusiasm among the students, thus leading to undeniable progress and considerable self-confidence.

At the same time, the students who were at the heart of the project, as well as the other students from the Chemistry and Life Sciences Master, actively take part in the elaboration of a participative French-English glossary of microbial ecotoxicology containing more than 600 entries and accessible to all course participants.

We are currently at the next phase of the project, creating fun online tools in order to facilitate the students’ autonomous acquisition of vocabulary related to their speciality.