History workshop

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History workshop

Led by Véronique Lamazou-Duplan (researcher-lecturer specialised in medieval history, affiliated to the ITEM research unit), Chantier d’Histoire is an off-site workshop that integrates students into a research team.

Based on the model of an archaeological site,  « chantier d’histoire » is an immersive workshop set up in the framework of archive rooms, and followed by the exploitation of all the data gathered there.

Its main (expected) purposes are : 

  • A training in medieval paleography (19th century)
  • A practical training in the elaboration of databases, as well as the implementation and exploitation of GIS (geographic information system)
  • Collective work on data collection, compilation and analysis; this work is integrated in a multidisciplinary research which combines texts study, work on field, sites visits…
  • An initiation to digital humanities.

Supervised by UPPA lecturers and researchers, as well as professionals from the archives, students - either in their last year of Bachelor or in Master and PhD - receive specialized courses and contribute to a collective research project affiliated to the hosting laboratory.

Over the year these students are expected to hand in different assessments :

  • archives digitisation
  • scientific reports
  • transcriptions
  • databases
  • cartography
  • scientific publications