3rd Conference - On the paths of Urban Physics

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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Third conference: On the paths of Urban Physics


To start 2020 and to begin the celebration of the university's 50th year, the third conference will address a matter closely linked with the integration of human activity and habitation in its environment and the respect of the latter, i.e. Urban Physics.


All over the world, cities are growing and spreading. Over the last two centuries, humanity has multiplied by seven fold and the urban population by a hundred.

The physical models patiently implemented since the origins of urban civilizations to control the comfort of the inhabitants, the resources consumed, the sustainability of the layouts and facilities are now obsolete. They have progressively been ruined by a series of changes towards elusive scales: exhaustion of energies fossils, loss of agricultural land, transport congestion, noise, pollution, climate change...  

A new discipline, Urban Physics, aims to develop a physical, mathematical and numerical model to describe and control the evolution of contemporary cities.


Benoit Beckers is the holder of the "Architecture and Urban Physics" Chair, created at UPPA in January 2017, which will be reinforced in September 2020 by the Junior Chair "Digital Urban Model" (funded by E2S UPPA). With a global team of ten researchers, these Chairs work on the modeling of thermal, acoustic and light radiation to help architectural and urban projects, with aspects related to measurement (photometry, radiometry, thermography, etc.). ) and simulation (ray tracing, radiosity, finite elements).

For this conference, Benoit Beckers will show some possible paths, and more particularly those taken by researchers from the Architecture and Urban Physics Chair.


Save the date! January 23rd, 2020 at 4:30pm.
STEE College, Amphi Serfass, Anglet.

NB: Conference in French only!