4th conference - X-rays shedding light on the energy transition

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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Fourth conference - X-rays shedding light on the energy transitionX-ray tomography - unveiling the microstructure of natural and man-made materials

Everybody knows X-rays from a medical point of view: they help to diagnose fractured bones and to locate foreign objects in soft tissue.

In this fourth E2S conference, Peter Moonen shows that the usage of X-rays is not limited to the human body.The unique property of X-rays to investigate internal structures in a non-destructive manner can be exploited for a wide range of applications in science and industry.

As director of the DMEX Centre for X-ray Imaging (UMS CNRS UPPA 3360) and holder of the UPPA-CNRS-Total Chair on X-ray imaging, Peter can draw from a wide range of examples and shed a light on how X-ray imaging methods can contribute to solve some of the most pressing challenges related to the energy transition.

On February 14th, let's discover a new aspect of X-rays.

Conference given in English!

You could not attend but still are interested in what was said ? Here is a video of the conference.