5th conference - The rampant computerisation of natural sciences

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Fifth conference - The rampant computerisation of natural sciences

On March 7th, for our fifth conference, Gerard Berry - recipient of the CNRS gold medal (French national center for scientific research), professor at the Collège de France and principal investigator of a chair on algorithms, machines and languages - has consented to honour us with his presence.

We will have the pleasure to listen on his speech about the rampant increasing computerisation of natural sciences

Using examples from various sciences and medicine, he will analyze not only the causes of this movement but also its effects and dynamics.
Eventually, he will discuss one of the major obstacles to this expansion, which is still in its infancy, i.e. the lack of real training into the use of computers for many scientists.


For those who could not attend but still wish to learn more about this subject, there is a video at your disposal (in French only, though).