An international master in Civil Engineering

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An international master in Civil Engineering

The IPRA research unit has been a member of an international research network supported by CNRS on multiscale materials under nanoscope since 2012. This network includes groups from MIT, Georgetown University, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Aix Marseille University and Ecole des Ponts Paristech.

When the support of CNRS for this network was renewed, an idea naturally occured to its members: transforming the annual winter school of the network into a more formalised educational program – an international master program. This was also the opportunity to enlarge the partnership to other European universities and thus lead to the inclusion of TU Wien.

The international master program will include MIT, Georgetown University, Aix Marseille University, TU Wien and UPPA. It will start in 2019 and will be centred on Civil Engineering as soils, rocks and construction materials are the focus of the research groups. Student mobility will be encouraged during the second year in order to carry out a research project and to follow a course program specifically adapted to it in another institution.

Each partner will deliver its own degree, recognising thereby the curriculum of the others.