Talents Academy - 2019

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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Talents Academygrants for promising students


The Energy and Environment Solutions initiative (E2S-UPPA) is a substantial, multi-year growth plan which focuses on problem-oriented, inter-disciplinary and transverse research in Energy and Environment. It also concentrates on both industry partnerships and high visibility in leading academic journals.

Its activities cover the following Energy and Environment fields:

  • Optimization of geo-resources exploration and exploitation,
  • Development of energy storage, materials for renewable energy and composites for structural lightening,
  • Analytical and microbial environmental analysis for diagnostic and remediation,
  • Evaluation of organisms adaptation to environmental stresses in evolving or controlled ecosystems,
  • Social issues in energy and environment.



To identify, attract or retain the most promising students, a “Talents’ Academy” has been created to that effect. Its goal is to make talented students benefit from an allowance so that they can focus better on studying.

The allowance amount is ­6,000€ in Licence 3[1];  8,000 € in Master 1 and Master 2 (except for the particular cases of students enrolled in programmes with work-based training (courses combining work and academic study).

[1] Licence 3 or L3 is the last year of the French undergraduate curriculum, which corresponds to the last year of a 3-year Bachelor, L2 thus referring to the second year.

We seek outstanding candidates excited by the opportunity to shape tomorrow solutions for energy and environment, with a clear passion and willing to make a difference for the future.



Targeted candidates:

  • talented students currently enrolled in L2, who intend to apply for an allowance in L3
  • talented students currently enrolled in L3, who intend to apply for an allowance in Master 1
  • talented students currently enrolled in M1, who intend to apply for an allowance in Master 2

Targeted courses are all within E2S UPPA’ area of expertise* (or leading to them - for undergraduate programmes).

Candidates may come from the UPPA or other universities.

One of E2S’ objectives being international attractiveness and visibility, foreign applications will be examined with great interest.


  *Targeted Masters programmes:
Petroleum Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Chemistry and Life Sciences; Mathematics and Applications; Computer Science; Sciences and Technology for Agriculture, Food and Environment; Electronics, electric energy, automatism; Geography, Planning, Environment and Development; Public Law; International Master in Civil Engineering; International Master Simulation and Optimization of Energy Systems ; Applied Economics


The students from abroad who applied for international masters (fully taught in English) on the dedicated call (Master Programs 2019-2020) are already considered as candidates for the « Talent’s academy » call. They do not need to apply through the process below.

Candidates must :

  • get in touch with the person in charge of the program they are applying for and join a letter from this person to their application file
  • provide a cover letter particularly mentioning the courses they are currently attending and the courses they want to apply for,
  • send transcript(s) with both marks and rankings of the previous academic year and, if possible, the first term of the ongoing one (both the original copy and an English translation are required if the original copy of those documents is neither in French nor in English)
  • attest of the opinion of the person in charge of the training program the candidate is currently attending.


Submission deadline:

Applications must be submitted before April 26th, 2019 via the online application portal only!

https :// aap-e2s.univ-pau.fr

CAUTION! Applications received through any other mean will not be reviewed!


Download the «TalentsAcademy_2019» call for applications (769.5 KB)



This grant can not be received along with another merit scholarship (such as Make our planet great again, Eiffel scholarship, allowances from the Region Nouvelle Aquitaine, …).