Adjunct professors - 2020

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
Calls for projects

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In the framework of its many calls for projects, E2S UPPA requested the help of scientific peers internationally recognised for their expertise in their own discipline. Our pool of experts is constantly renewed and increased so as to guarantee impartiality and confidentiality, to both candidates and experts.

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Adjunct professors - 2020


The Energy and Environment Solutions initiative (E2S UPPA) is a substantial, multi-year growth plan ( Problem-oriented, inter-disciplinary and transverse research in Energy and Environment is pursued while putting the emphasis on either industry relevance or high visibility in leading academic journals. Interests span over all areas of Energy and Environment, including but not limited to optimization of geo-resources exploration and exploitation, optimization of energy storage, materials for renewable energy, composites for structural lightening, analytical and microbial environmental analysis for diagnostic and remediation, as well as evaluation of organisms adaptation to environmental stresses in evolving or controlled ecosystems, and social issues about energy and environment.


As part of the implementation of the project E2S UPPA, the consortium is opening a new call for project intended to recruit « adjunct professors » and thus strengthen the collaboration between academic and private researchers on common strategic objectives.

This call consists in exchanging researchers for one or two years. That programme thus involves two persons who are working on the same project(s) for either a part of or all the duration of said project(s).

For example, an engineer from a partner company can work in one of the consortium’s laboratories one day a week, and vice-versa.

This exchange is designed so that each researcher involved in the programme may be able to learn new techniques (simulation, use of specific softwares and experimental devices, analysis, characterisation techniques…) within the partner institution and thus contribute to strengthen the existing partnership.

Financial support might cover for the wages of the personnel implied in the project and the operating costs required for its realisation.

Evaluation process

Submitted projects will be evaluated according to the following process:

  1. Evaluation of each project’s eligibility by an ad hoc committee strictly composed of UPPA’s personnel,
  2. Appraisal and ranking of all submitted projects which are considered as eligible by that very same committee,
  3. Final ranking determined by E2S UPPA Executive Committee.


Evaluation criteria 

Submitted projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The acquisition of new skills for each partner involved,
  • the existing partnership and its strengthening, as well as the prospects for long-term partnership,
  • The leverage effect on additional and subsequent financing,§The laboratories’ ability to transfer their results.
  • Its scientific relevance and feasibility,
  • Its coherence with the existing project,
  • Its financial plan and, more precisely, if it matches the objectives or not, as well as the support from the private partner,
  • How structuring it is expected to be (prospects of new research contracts, creation of new joint-labs …)
  • Its link with one of UPPA Tech’s experimental platforms.


How to apply

Before any submission, it is highly recommended to contact Laurent Pécastaing who is the referee in charge of this call for E2S UPPA: laurent.pecastaing @

Applications must be submitted via the online application portal only!

Application period: from October 14th to January 28th, 2019 (until midnight, GMT +1)

CAUTION! Applications received through any other mean will not be reviewed!


Download the call «Adjunct Professors» edition 2020 (722.5 KB)