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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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University organisation

UPPA has been reorganised by grouping the ten existing components into three Colleges:

  • The College of Sciences and Technology for Energy and Environment
  • The College of Social Science and the Humanities
  • The College of Cross-border, European & International Studies

These Colleges represent a new level of governance and decision-making in terms of teaching, research and innovation; they play a role in the elaboration of the university’s policy.
This policy is defined by the university’s central board, whose task is to implement the said policy, in accordance with a several years contract, specifying objectives and resources.

Teaching and research is structured across two levels, Undergraduate and Graduate studies.
Each College is composed of two multi-disciplinary Departments; one for Undergraduate Studies, one for Graduate Studies.

For “Undergraduate Studies”, the Department is associated with the Institutes of Technology.
The objective at this level is for the University to fulfill its public service mission by meeting the higher education needs of the surrounding areas through the recruitment of local students.

The “Graduate Studies” Department is associated with the Engineering schools, the Institute of Business Management, the research units, the doctoral schools and the instrumentation platform...
Priority is given to high-recognition degrees with national and international recruitment.


Associate professors and professors are being recruited by the Colleges and expected to teach at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.