Management team

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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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Management team

The Management Board is responsible for the implementation of the project E2S UPPA. The Executive Director is the chairperson. Its members manage, coordinate and oversee the scientific, administrative and financial aspects of all decision-making, related to organisational and management processes, as well as all the communication around the project, especially with the relevant bodies (consortium and partners).

Each year, this operational committee hands in to the Board of Trustees an annual report keeping track of the progess achieved.


The Management Board comprises fifteen appointed members:

  • The Executive Director of E2S UPPA
  • Six administrative members, in charge of financial and administrative management
  • Four scientific officers
  • A teaching officer
  • A human resources officer
  • An internationalisation officer
  • A partnerships officer
  • The Executive Director of NCU SPACE project