Third conference - Innovations and Social acceptability

Third conference - Innovations and Social acceptabilityFrom social acceptability to territorial appropriation : Innovation in tension.

Let's keep going on with our conferences...

To start 2019, Xavier Arnauld de Sartre, scientific officer of E2S UPPA's management team and principal investigator of the research chair TEEN, offers to discuss the subject of social acceptability when trying to implement innovative actions or projects.

Indeed, the proliferation of protests over industrial or development projects raises the question of how these projects are perceived or appropriated by the population - given that the purpose is for them to be accepted.

Through the analysis of debates on both developments and acceptability, the conference will question the capacity of these developments to locally win unanimous support or even reach a consensus.

On January 17th, save the date! ... and let's see how to improve innovations acceptability while reducing contestations and tensions.