E2S UPPA Ambassadors ‐ 2019

E2S UPPA Ambassadors ‐ 2019Establishment of international research and academic linkages in Energy and Environment Solutions


The Energy and Environment Solutions initiative (E2S UPPA) is a substantial, multi-year growth plan (http:// e2s-uppa.eu /). Problem-oriented, inter-disciplinary and transverse research in Energy and Environment is pursued while putting the emphasis on either industry relevance or high visibility in leading academic journals. Interests span over all areas of Energy and Environment, including but not limited to optimization of geo-resources exploration and exploitation, optimization of energy storage, materials for renewable energy, composites for structural lightening, analytical and microbial environmental analysis for diagnostic and remediation, as well as evaluation of organisms adaptation to environmental stresses in evolving or controlled ecosystems, and social issues about energy and environment.


The objective of the present call is to promote and support the mobility of researchers intending to establish and develop international research and academic linkages with prominent universities abroad.  E2S UPPA Ambassadors grants will support researchers wishing to form international collaborative projects or to set up the networks necessary for the development of an international project, particularly European.


E2S UPPA Ambassadors projects will be supported with mobility grants and partial release from duties for teachers.

Each project needs to conform with mobility periods of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Procedure :

Each project proposal will be evaluated based on its originality, its scientific relevance, its feasibility as well as the research and academic contributions to E2S UPPA.

Evaluation will include the following steps:

  • Eligibility evaluation by the operational committee.
  • Validation of the selected projects by the executive committee of E2S UPPA.


How to apply:

Application period: from November 12th , 2018 to January 6th, 2019.

Applications must be written in English and submitted as a single .pdf file, via the online application portal only! https://aap.e2s-uppa.eu

CAUTION! Applications received through any other mean will not be reviewed!

Applications should be submitted in accordance with the following structure.


Documents to provide :

Cover letter, 
Curriculum vitae,
Description of the mobility project including:

  • Hosting university and research/academic team (including support letters),
  • Mobility period (including starting date),
  • Research and academic project,
  • Collaboration perspectives.
  • Estimated budget

Download the call for projects (.pdf)