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E2S: Energy and Environment Solutions
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Call for projects Junior ChairOpening of two Junior Chair Positions on Energy and Environment Solutions


UPPA-INRA-INRIA Energy and Environment Solutions initiative (E2S-UPPA) invites candidates to apply for two tenure junior chair positions. These positions are part of a substantial, multi-year growth plan. Problem-oriented, inter-disciplinary and transverse research in Energy and Environment is pursued, and emphasis on either industry relevance or high visibility in leading academic journals is put forwards. Applicants with interests in all areas of Energy and Environment, including but not limited to, optimization of geo-resources exploration and exploitation, optimization of energy storage, materials for renewable energy, composites for structural lightening, analytical and microbial environmental analysis for diagnostic and remediation, as well as evaluation of organisms adaptation to environmental disturbances in evolving ecosystems, are thus encouraged to apply

UPPA is a leading research and teaching university, one of the top 20 in France, located in the beautiful, culturally rich and highly diverse area of the Atlantic Pyrenees. The UPPA-E2S is the result of established collaborations with the main national research centers, i.e. the INRA, INRIA, CNRS[iv], CEA[v] and BRGM[vi]. These host several laboratories engaged in research in the core areas of Energy and Environment. IPRA gathers multidisciplinary competences to tackle challenges related to geo-resources. IPREM advances knowledge for applications related to environmental and materials science. The research federation MIRA[ix] drives activities on aquatic resources and their environment. Through major interdisciplinary efforts, PDP and the mixed research unit PASSAGES[xi] conduct related public law and social activities. In addition, private research is a key asset of southern Aquitaine, which is one of the major industrial poles in France with industrial R&D centers settled on its territory. To address societal and/or technical challenges and contribute to industrial leadership, private research is thus a significant strength of the south of the region Nouvelle Aquitaine. Sound collaborations between UPPA and major companies are established on the territory with for instance Total, TIGF, Arkema, SAFRAN Helicopter Engines, Toray and Euralis just to cite a few. UPPA-E2S thus offers a research environment that benefits from a successful relation with private and public sector organizations that have leading positions, in particular in the Energy and Environment areas.

We thus seek outstanding candidates excited by the opportunity to build the future solutions for energy and environment with a clear passion to make a difference for the future of energy and environment. Higher priority will be given to the overall originality and promise of the candidate's work rather than to the sub-area of specialization. The junior chair will be devoted to enhance research and teaching in the fields of Energy and Environment and to establish and animate new international relations and partnerships. The candidate will be expected to teach in English at the graduate and undergraduate levels, to develop advanced graduate courses in a research specialty, as well as to develop a world-class research program with emphasis on Energy and Environment.

Required Competences:

  • Applicants are expected to show outstanding commitment to research and teaching
  • A maximum of 5 years’ experience after PhD defense is desirable
  • Applicants should be supported by a local host laboratory (the director is the contact person)
  • Applicants who graduated from UPPA should have at least two years research experience outside from the consortium.

Criteria of selection of the candidate (without priority order):

  • The research and teaching projects
  • The candidate’s motivation
  • The candidate concern for the societal problematic related to energy and environment and his/her positioning to direct efforts toward the identification of original solutions for the future of energy and environment
  • Outstanding scientific record (publications, patents, …)


The chair will be funded for 5 years, starting from November 2017 at the earliest with a monthly salary before taxes in accordance with that of an assistant professor (national grid). The start-up package to support this junior chair consists in two PhD candidates (or one PhD candidate and one postdoctoral fellow) and associated running costs. Teaching would be limited to 1/3 of regular academic duty.

Application procedure - required dossier:

Applications must be submitted via email at the following address:

junior.chairs @ e2s-uppa.eu

before 2017, June, 20 (however, the positions will remain open until filled) and must contain within a single PDF file:

  • (1) a cover letter,
  • (2) a curriculum vitae,
  • (3) three to five references
  • (4) statements of research (5 pages) and teaching interests (1 page),
  • (5) two representative publications.

Preselected candidates will be invited for an oral interview by the selection committee.

E2S-UPPA is committed to building a diverse educational environment in agreement with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. E2S-UPPA is also committed to further the compatibility of work and family life. E2S-UPPA will provide support through its Welcome Center and facilitate career management.

For application assistance please contact corinne.nardin@univ-pau.fr (Corinne.Nardin @ univ-pau.fr)